2008 news
21.2.2008 Stanley and Oliver celbrated their 10th birthday!

Lynda getting bored with snowless winter....

18.2.2008 Puppies

Lexxy´s sister Upsa is waiting for her first puppies in Lithuania. More info on their website: http://geocities.com/tekeras/

2007 news
15. - 16.12.2007

Just before Christmas we made a small trip, Lexxy and Louie was entered to Lithuania International Show.
Lexxy was in the ring on both days and Louie only on Sunday. On both days BOB was given to Lexxy and she´s now aslo Lithuanian Champion. On Sunday Lexxy was also placed Group2nd! Louie was BOS on Sunday and he got his last CACIB and from now on, he´s also an International and Lithuanian Champion.



Thank you Evelina and Mantas for all your help during the weekend!! And Thank you Nina for making us to come along ;o)


Last day in June, Lexxy became Estonian Champion. She was BOS under Linda Jürgens from Estonia.

On July 1st, Lexxy was again BOS under Helge Lie from Norway.

Thank you to the breeder Nina Brusin for expertedly handling our girl to her Estonian Championship.

While Lexxy were in Estonia, we were entertained by our new familymember, Memorylane Starsky All Over, "Laddie", 9 weeks old in the picture below.

This beautiful puppy is out of my Lynda (Memorylane Oneder Woman) and the famous Jendie (GB CH Gillaber Drummond).
Thank you Nina and Wendy for making this possible!

We wish good luck for all the siblings in their new homes. Hope to see you soon again!

Laddies page will be published shortly.


Just over two years of age Lexxy, Memorylane Knoxx Off Your Soxx, became a Finnish Champion. First BOB under Britt Schöne Brodwall from Norway and in the end of the day Group 3rd, under Joan Hutton from Australia.

Team Memorylane had a good day all in all, they took home the BIS-3 breeders group and Bis4-veteran also. Congratulations to all!!

Thank you to breeder Nina Brusin for handling Lexxy to her Championship.


The puppies are here.... 3 girls and 2 boys. All black.


The ultra-sound confirmed that Lynda is pregnant! Puppies are due in the beginning of May.


Lexxy turned 2 years.


Lexxy went to a show to Lahti, with her breeder-co-owner Nina Brusin who handled her also, and came home with her second CC. She was also second best bitch. Todays BOB was Memorylane Boogie All Nite.

The judge was Marja Talvitie from Finland.


Louie became Latvian Champion and was BOS.


Lynda became International Champion in Estonia and she was BOB. Robin, Lynda´s son, was BOS.

Above: Lynda

Lynda behind, Robin in front.


Finally we are back online.

Lexxy in Lapland. More pictures from our trip can be found from our gallery.


Tilma, Fin Ch Memorylane One Wild Angel, Lyndas daughter, gave birth to her first litter. The sire is EW-06 Valet de Coeur de Chester. If you are interested, please contact the breeder, Nina Brusin.


Lexxy got her first CC in Kuopio international dogshow, she was also second best female. The judge was Julia Soltoggio from Australia.


Beardie Specialty was held in Kokkola. Judge was Wendy Hines from Great-Britain.

Louie, Fin Ch, JW-01 Classical Image of Balimor was BOB. Last time he was entered to Specialty (in 2004), he was also BOB. Lexxy was 4th in her class. Lynda got EXCellent.

Lynda´s daughter Tilma (Memorylane One Wild Angel) got CC and became Fin Ch. Lucy (Memorylane Angel On a Mission) was placed 3rd in her class. It was nice to see all Louie´s and Lynda´s pups in the ring again. Well done all.

Thank you to the judge who thought so highly of my Louie.

Louie, Fin Ch, JW-01 Classical Image of Balimor was BOB in Beardie Specialty 2006


European Winner show in Helsinki. Judge was Carla Molinari from Portugal.

Louie was 4th in Champion class, Lexxy 4th in juniorclass and Lynda got an Excellent.

Lyndas daughter, Upsa (Memorylane Kixx Your Act) won the European Junior Winner 06 title! They drove all the way from Lithuania. Congratulations Evelina!!



"Sol", Memorylane Absolut Looxx became German Junior Ch! I He also won the Junior Group 1



Lexxy had her first birthday. Now she´s a big girl.

We wish a Happy Birthday to all Lexxy´s siblings from Lyndas second litter.


Robin, a son of Lyndas, became a father to his first litter.


Lynda and I had a lovely trip to England.

We visited Crufts. Saw some beautiful beardies in and out of the ring, aswell.

Thank you all involved, for making our trip so special ;o)

Waiting our turn in Crufts...

Lynda in the ring

Lynda after the showday

Lynda and Frasse meeting some horses


This lovely young girl is Tilma, Memorylane One Wild Angel. From Lynda´s first litter. She has 2 CC´s on her credit. She´s almost two years in this picture.


Lynda´s birthday!


Every now and then we receive pictures from Lupu´s daughter Lucky, who lives in U.S.


Lucky lives with Vaughn family in Rochester NY, with her two and four legged friends.

Zoey and Taylor, Luckys siblings, are doing quite well also. They live with Shuster family in Michigan.

Both of these familys have superbly taken care of all these three "puppies" during the years.

They are out of "Lupu", Fin Ch Memorylane Shirly Valentine and "Trevor", Fin Ch Sammara Puff of Smoke.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

14.10.2005 With great sadnes I had to say good-bye to my dear old Lady.

FIN CH Lawnlake Nice Shady Lady


28.03.1990 - 14.10.2005

Gone, but never forgotten....

11.9.2005 Porvoo

Today Michael Leonard from Ireland judged the breed and Louie was BOB and Lynda took BOS. Group judge Bo Skalin gave Louie Group4th placement.

10.9.2005 Kotka International dog show

Louie and Lyndas was entered and Joan Walsh from Ireland judged the breed. Lynda was BOB and Louie was BOS. Both Lynda and Louie took CACIB´s

3.9.2005 Vantaa

Lynda took her fourth BOS this year.

Lynda and me.

24.8.05 New pictures of Lexxy, Lynda and Louie.

20.8.05 New picture added...

Lexxy and picture gallery.

19.8.05 New layout and...

Our pages have moved to www.ladydales.com and e-mail-addy has changed to johanna@ladydales.com

18.8.05 Lexxy turned 5 months old.
23.7.05 Back with a bang!

For the first time this year Louie and Lynda was entered to a dogshow. Louie went BOB and 4th in group, and Lynda, after maternity break, went BOS.

Lyndas daughter Poppy, Memorylane Hell Of An Angel, was second best bitch and took her second CC. Congrats to the breeder Nina and co-owner Sari!

Breedjudge was Colette Muldoon from Ireland and group judge was John Muldoon also from Ireland.

17.7.05 Nivala int

Lyndas daughter Tilma, Memorylane One Wild Angel, was BOS and took her second CC.

breedjudge was Bridget Smeeton

Congrats to Tilma and Johanna! Very well done.

9.7.2005 Ristiina

Lyndas daughter Lucy (Memorylane Angel On A Mission) from her first litter got her first CC and was BOS.

Judge was Eva Eriksson from Sweden.

Congatulations to the breeder Nina and co-owner Niina Papunen.

Now all four "showpuppies" from Lyndas first litter, who lives in finland, has one or more CC´s. Way to go Angels and Saints!


New pictures of Lexxy in her own gallery.
She´s now 12 weeks old.


New design on my webpages.


All puppies has gone to their new homes. I wish them everything good in the future.

29.5.2005 Leppävirta

Lyndas son Robin, from first litter, Memorylane Rockin The Saints, took his second CC and 2nd best male. He has also been very sparingly shown, like his sisters (see news below).

Judge was Birthe Steel from Denmark

15.5.2005 Jyväskylä

Lyndas daughter from the first litter made her first appearance in the official classes. "Poppy", Memorylane Hell Of An Angel (sister to Robin and Tilma) won the juniorclass, took 2nd best bitch and CC!

Judge was Helen Hegarty from Ireland

7.-8.5.2005 OULU

"Tilma" from Lyndas first litter, Memorylane One Wild Angel (sister to Robin and Poppy) made her first appearance in the official classes. She was 3rd best bitch and took the CC!

Judge was Hugh Jones from Great Britain